Our Roots

etobiGrow wants to change the way our community thinks about food by making it easier for neighbours and local restaurants and grocers to access locally grown herbs, plants, and produce. If there is anything these past few years have shown us, it's that we as a community rely on one another to keep our families and businesses healthy. It's a principle that etobiGrow is rooted in, and one it continues sowing. Our plant donation program positively affects community gardens and youth education initiatives across the city and helps inspire the next generation of urban farmers. Follow us on social media for updates to see where we're helping in your neighbourhood!

We're excited for this journey and hope you'll join us and our ever expanding farm in creating a healthier, more sustainable city.

Stefan & Lukas


Stefan Sirianni, P.Eng.

Hi there! I'm Stefan. My background is in urban planning, but these days I've gotten really into plants! Farming is changing and we're excited to be at the forefront. Shoot me a message if you ever want to chat!


Lukas Sirianni


 w: 647-478-7748

In the Media

 Our farm was recently featured on:


Click here to read the article and learn more about how etobiGrow is working to shape the future of sustainable farming in our city!


In Our Community

etobiGrow is passionate about food security, which is why we build and install hydroponic grow units for organizations such as the Parkdale Community Food Bank. We help educate and donate seedlings to assist communities in growing their own food. Follow us on our journey to making Toronto a city of urban growers.


Over the past two years we and our customers donated over 800 plants to local food security initiatives including the community garden of our friends at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Mimico.

In our community at the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre. We donated plants as part of their vaccination day! Find them on Instagram here!

Pop-up shop at Junction Farmers’ Market where all proceeds were donated to Share the Harvest, a food security initiative helping in the community.

Fundraise with etobiGrow!

Raise funds for your school or community with a plant drive and win educational urban farming prizes along the way! Learn more on our Fundraiser Page.

For more information about our farm or community involvement, contact us below!