Tours + Workshops

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Get hands on and champion home-growing! Take one of etobiGrow's comprehensive home-growing workshops to learn how to grow your own nutritious food year round! Learn about growing hydroponics and microgreens and how to care and maintain an indoor home garden that will actually feed you!

What you get:

Grow at Home Starter Kit

- 2 premium grow lights with power plug.

- Microgreen Tray Set with seeds for up to 5 trays!

- Access to reduced pricing on leafy green seedlings and microgreen seeds (Grow at home for only 2 weeks until eating!)

- 2hr workshop that will guide you through the basics of hydroponics and teach you how to use your Home Starter Kit. 



How big of a group can I schedule for a tour?

Groups up to 8 people are permitted per tour.

What if my group is more than 8 people?

Get in touch with us! We're happy to organize tour days for bigger groups.

Can I bring my dog?

etobiGrow is a food safe environment. No pets permitted.