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Wildflower Seed Paper Planting Instructions

How to Plant Seed Paper
Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and give it a good drink of water. After that, make sure it's always moist and in a sunny spot. You should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

When's the best time to plant seed paper?
Spring is the best time to plant if you live in an area where the ground does not freeze. However, fall is ideal if you live in a climate where the ground stays frozen for several months. Seed paper can be planted indoors year-round in a pot of soil near a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

How long does seed paper take to grow?
If you plant your seed paper according to the instructions, you should see sprouts within 7-10 days! The plants will grow and mature at different rates depending on the surrounding conditions but typically you will see wildflowers blooming with 8-12 weeks.

What kind of seeds are in the paper?
The wildflower seed mix contains a blend of colorful wildflowers including Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon!

All of our seed paper is sourced from Botanical Paperworks, a world-leading supplier and manufacturer of eco-friendly seed paper products based right here in Canada. To learn more, we welcome you to visit their website.

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